Creation is Crying Out

by Kathleen Ryan, SND on March 21, 2012

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            Creation is crying out for “tender, loving care” and many people are listening!

            During April, ecological issues seize center stage around the county and in Greater Cleveland as plans by the Earth Day Coalition gear up to present…

  EarthFest 2012, Sunday, April 22 from 10am-5pm at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

            Environmentalists will be on hand to engage the crowd in hands-on demonstrations about the intricacies and interdependence of the living systems on land and in the seas. Earth Day organizers boast that Earth Fest  is Ohio’s largest environmental education event.

            The day focuses on ways to raise eco-awareness and responsibility for pollution prevention and good stewardship.    Confronted with the environmental disasters facing our world, many Americans have become advocates for the 3 R’s–Reduce–reuse–recycle. Have you put into action any of the 3 R’s which help save the environment? Need a quick review?

            “Reduce use” means eliminating needless overpackaging of products. Putting ears of corn on  nonbiodegradable Styrofoam, wrapped in plastic, is one example of overpacking!     

            “Reuse”  means that the entire packaging  material (i.e. the returnable 2-liter pop bottle) can be used again.

            “Recycling” processes  extract resources from waste  material for reuse, thereby extending the life of the original  natural resource. For instance, recycling the pulp from used paper saves trees!

            Children are learning these 3 R’s very well. Often, children who set up recycling drives, tell their moms and dads not to buy overpackaged products.  They want the earth and animals to be safe.

            At EarthFest, displays and activities will demonstrate the benefits of recycling,  saving energy, reducing air pollution and conserving water and natural resources.   Environmentalists will show that instead of mining the earth for resources to make the products we use everyday,  “mining the trash” is the way of the future.

            Other displays will offer hands-on  lessons to show how landfills are dead-ends; that nature works best in cycles and that we are at our best when we fit our human activities into nature’s life-renewing cycles.

            The day is designed to set in motion educational goals to teach about  nature’s cycles, to show how various forms of energy inter-relate and to determine our role in using nature’s renewable and non-renewable resources.

            Advocates will be on hand to talk about environmental issues including air and water quality, toxic incineration, solid waste and recycling, energy efficiency and transportation, urban gardening and urban sprawl. 

            EarthFest 2012 provides an opportunity for each of us to celebrate the earth as God’s creation, a paradise full of blessed gifts. What better season than spring to renew our convictions to be “wise stewards”  and caretakers of the earth.        

            Call to Action:  Volunteer at EarthFest 2012 on Sunday, April 22nd from 10am to 5pm at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Be a part of Ohio’s largest environmental education event and the longest running Earth Day celebration in the nation. There are only two volunteer training sessions left. Call (216) 281-6468  RSVP to be a volunteer.  Plan on attending EarthFest 2012.


EarthFest 2012

Celebrating the Year of Local and Sustainable Food

Sunday, April 22
at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 

The Cleveland Coalition sponsoring EarthFest as found on their website


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Johnica March 22, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Wonderful reflections Kathleen. I tune in once a week and I am motivated and inspiried each time. I am getting the word out about your blog through our bulletin, hopefully it will move some of our people to action. God Bless, Johnica


Kathleen Ryan, SND April 2, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Thank you so much, Johnica. Thanks for all you are doing at St. Ladislas to promote peace with justice. Your parish does so much for and with people who are poor and that doesn’t happen by chance. It takes leadership which you have provided for years.


Sister Mary Antonee May 17, 2012 at 10:17 am

Just a suggestion to reduce use. It seems that all of us in education, parish ministries and other business receive multiple catalogues that we just immediately toss into the recycle bin since we purchase on-line or don’t even deal with the companies that are sending us catalogues or we continue to receive catalogues for employees who left five years ago.

Take a moment, tear off the front cover with the address and fax it back to the company indicating that you wish to be removed from their mailing list. In just the past two weeks I received over 20 catalogues that we really do not need.

If we all took just a few minutes a week to do this think of the trees, etc.
that we could save…

Thanks for doing such a great job with your blog…it is very informative on such timely issues.

If we all do just a little, little by little we WILL make an impact…


Kathleen Ryan, SND May 17, 2012 at 11:02 am

Very nice sharing, Sr. Antonee and right on. Thanks,


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